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Reading minds Little is known about Musk’s plans for Neuralink, but it has been registered as a medical research company, which suggests that the first goal will be to break into the neural implant market for neural injuries or degenerative nervous system disorders. Wired compared this presumed plan with Musk’s strategy of building low-cost rockets as a stepping stone toward Mars colonization. Rockets, however, had already been invented before Musk started SpaceX. Neuralink’s researchers won’t have so much to build on. Current neural prosthetics have come a long way, but they still manage only a limited range of motions, said Brad Wyble, a professor of psychology at Pennsylvania State University who studies visual cognition. For someone who has a severed spinal cord from an accident, any mobility is fantastic; for someone able-bodied, the spinal cord is far more advanced, Wyble said. go right here“We already have the peripheral nervous system,” he said. “That’s the gadget you’ve got to beat.” Musk is on the record as complaining that human interactions with devices are inefficient, and it’s true that thumb-typing on a smartphone is not humanity’s most effective use of dexterity. Nevertheless, the spinal cord is like the neural lace of sci-fi writers’ dreams, Wyble said. It is more than just a relay cable. It takes the burden off the brain by handling reflexes on its own; it also does some of its own processing in dealing with more complex inputs.

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