A Further Analysis Of Essential Issues Of Interview

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The white coats are a symbol of the start of their career in medicine. More Content Vietnam Veterans welcome home celebration 50 years after war The white coat ceremony is a relatively new ritual that takes places at medical schools across the country. Previously students would have this ceremony when they graduate, but medical schools thought students should be aware of the responsibility that the coat holds before they start. These new medical students said that they definitely took that lesson on board. “I think it’s a very good idea to have the white coat ceremony at the beginning, because it really gets you set and prepared for what she should expect and the responsibility that youre going to be burying on your shoulders, said first-year medical student, Coty Cooper. Instead of afterwards where, you know, you’ve learned all this material, but you don’t want to just be a physician that’s technically smart. You want to have the responsibility of dealing with patients.” The class of 2020 at Quillen College of Medicine were each cloaked, and also took an oath of commitment to care for patients as their biggest responsibility. These soon-to-be doctors start classes on Monday. Copyright 2016 by WCYB. All rights reserved.

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